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Learn how to structure and negotiate your deals to ensure an increase in your closing percentage, grow your GCI, and become the top producing realtor.

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Creative contract

appraisal & inspection contingencies & thresholds

representing investors
& 1031 exchanges

seller financing

seller concessions / rate buy downs & closing cost credits

Seal the deal to
win more listing


My coaching program is different as it will help you structure and negotiate deals to ensure an increase in your closing percentage and grow your GCI, and so much more!

My coaching program and online focuses on these core values

Win The Listing

Secrets To Become A 7-figure Realtor

I am here to give you the straight up no nonsense, practical legal negotiation tools that can either make or break the deal and win more listings through cutting legal edge strategies and techniques.

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Taliya Bashani ESQ

Are you tired of spending so much time and energy running around with buyers showing them properties only for them to jump ship or not pull the trigger ? Are you getting into contract only to lose deals and have them fall through midway? I have helped thousands of agents just like you refocus their energy on sellers and win more exclusive listings. They are doubling their commission with a lot less time and stress. I have spent the last 15 years as a broker and real estate attorney closing over 10,000 deals and over $1 billion in real estate.

15 years as a Broker & Attorney

Mastering Real Estate: Insights from 15 Years as a Broker and Attorney in Diverse Market Landscapes.

Closing Over 10,000 Deals

Unlocking Success The Art of Closing 10,000 Deals in the Dynamic Real Estate Arena.

$1 billion in Real Estate

From Transactions to Triumphs Navigating $1 Billion in Real Estate with Expert Precision.