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They key to successful closings is working proactively instead of reactively . Its important to foresee issues before they occur in order to circumvent any pitfalls that might kill a deal . Problem solving and diplomacy, along with creative negotiation tools really makes or breaks a successful closing . The 3 pillars of my practice are speed, communication and responsiveness. Im very hands on and I let every client feel as if they are the only client by giving them the attention they deserve and making myself available to them and their agents.

Low inventory ! The issue with the rising interest rates is that sellers are not motivated to sell because if they have to downsize or relocate they are going to end up paying higher monthly carrying costs for a smaller property. So instead, they are just sitting on their property riding out the low interest rate they received over the last 5-7 years which in turn creates a situation where buyers are all fighting for the same properties especially in the median housing market for that territory.

Yes, my biggest passion is educating and providing value for real estate agents by teaching them tools and strategies they do not learn in real estate school to grow their business. The most successful topics have been : Representing Investors & the 1031 Exchange, Creative Negotiation tools & Strategies to Close More Deals , Seal the Deal to Win More Exclusive Listings , Seller Financing , Lease with the Option to Buy , to name a few.

That this business is a people business , not just a numbers game . You are building relationships and you have to appeal to a client’s needs emotionally, psychologically and logically . Its all about the perception of value and keeping a positive realistic approach . People want to feel like they are getting their needs met and that they aren’t giving up something for nothing , its a game of chess and creative negotiation and strategy plays a key role in making deals happen . It’s also important to think outside of the box , negotiate “deal sweeteners” such as items of personal property, free lease back periods , seller concessions , anything that will make both parties happy and bring a deal to the closing table .

Digital marketing , technology and Artificial intelligence is at the forefront . It truly is a game changer, between social media and text / email campaigns, real estate agents can capitalize on getting more business with the benefit of technology because less time is spent on writing letters or door knocking , now Ai can do it all for you . Of course it can’t be trusted and used blindly , we still need human involvement to ensure an agent’s “voice” is demonstrated properly and that it still provides the personal feel that a client would want. We can’t prevent the evolution, but we can capitalize on it by using it strategically and cautiously.

Follow Up and Follow Through ! As cliché as it is , your network is your net-worth ! No matter how long its been since you’ve worked with a client , continue to touch base with them and stay relevant. Send out birthday cards , holiday cards , follow them on social media, invite them to your client appreciation happy hour or annual holiday party. A friendly check in goes a long way. Make conversation at the coffee shop, or nail salon or gym, build those relationships with people because eventually everyone knows someone who may be looking to buy or sell real estate. Maybe you started your business in rentals and now those clients are ready to buy and you convert them into sales clients . Maye a prior buyer of yours is now ready to sell. By staying connected to them and genuinely nurturing those relationships, you can grow your business exponentially.

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Taliya Bashani ESQ

Are you tired of spending so much time and energy running around with buyers showing them properties only for them to jump ship or not pull the trigger ? Are you getting into contract only to lose deals and have them fall through midway? I have helped thousands of agents just like you refocus their energy on sellers and win more exclusive listings. They are doubling their commission with a lot less time and stress. I have spent the last 15 years as a broker and real estate attorney closing over 10,000 deals and over $1 billion in real estate.

15 years as a Broker & Attorney

Mastering Real Estate: Insights from 15 Years as a Broker and Attorney in Diverse Market Landscapes.

Closing Over 10,000 Deals

Unlocking Success The Art of Closing 10,000 Deals in the Dynamic Real Estate Arena.

$1 billion in Real Estate

From Transactions to Triumphs Navigating $1 Billion in Real Estate with Expert Precision.