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Taliya Bashani Esq., CEO of Tab Law Firm PC and Abundance Real Estate Coaching LLC, announces New Book on Amazon Hits Bestseller Status

Taliya Bashani Esq. published her new book, “Win The Listing: Secrets to Become a 7-Figure Realtor,” and is pleased to announce that the book hit the bestseller lists on within 24 hours of release, achieving:

#1 in Real Estate Law
#1 in Practical Guides to Real Estate
#4 in Practical Law Guides for Real Estate

Copies of this book may be purchased on Amazon

Taliya Bashani Said

“I am here to give you the straight up no nonsense, practical legal negotiation tools that can either make or break the deal and win more listings through cutting legal edge strategies and techniques. By focusing on sellers and winning more excusive listings, your potential to maximize your commission and guarantee more closings are far greater. This book will give you the roadmap and blueprint on what it takes to nail a listing presentation and sell a property smoothly and effectively from start to finish, while increasing your opportunity to double your commission.

I have developed legal expertise throughout my years of experience working with top agents in one of the most competitive markets known for record-breaking real estate deals. I have saved countless deals from falling through and want to share these tools and strategies with you so you can avoid the common pitfalls that many agents fall into, thereby ensuring you make it to the closing table successfully.”

- Taliya Bashani

Taliya Bashani ESQ

Taliya Bashani Esq. is a broker and real estate attorney who specializes in residential real estate representing buyers, sellers , and investors in New York and Florida . She started TAB Law Firm PC, her law practice, 15 years ago and has closed over 10,000 properties and over $1Billion in real estate. She also has a coaching and training program for realtors, Abundance Real Estate Coaching,  teaching them valuable negotiation tools and strategies that give them the legal edge to win more exclusive listings , close more deals and make more money. She has worked with some of the top real estate agents including agents from Million Dollar Listing NY and has made a name for herself within the real estate industry. She is known to be a dealmaker , not a deal breaker. Taliya is a philanthropist who volunteers at summer camps for children with needs and teaches youth programs to inspire kids to follow their passions and live their dreams.

Taliya Bashani mission

My passion as a real estate attorney and broker turned realtor coach is education and providing value to agents that incorporates creative negotiation skills and strategies, unique deal structures , and focusing on successful tools and tactics that increase client appeal resulting in magnifying success and prosperity.

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Win The Listing

Secrets To Become A 7-figure Realtor

I am here to give you the straight up no nonsense, practical legal negotiation tools that can either make or break the deal and win more listings through cutting legal edge strategies and techniques.

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Taliya Bashani ESQ

Are you tired of spending so much time and energy running around with buyers showing them properties only for them to jump ship or not pull the trigger ? Are you getting into contract only to lose deals and have them fall through midway? I have helped thousands of agents just like you refocus their energy on sellers and win more exclusive listings. They are doubling their commission with a lot less time and stress. I have spent the last 15 years as a broker and real estate attorney closing over 10,000 deals and over $1 billion in real estate.

15 years as a Broker & Attorney

Mastering Real Estate: Insights from 15 Years as a Broker and Attorney in Diverse Market Landscapes.

Closing Over 10,000 Deals

Unlocking Success The Art of Closing 10,000 Deals in the Dynamic Real Estate Arena.

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From Transactions to Triumphs Navigating $1 Billion in Real Estate with Expert Precision.

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